If you have been diagnosed with cancer, this is understandably a frightening and unsettling time. Many of the terms and phrases you're hearing are probably unfamiliar. Fear of the unknown is not unusual. But when you arm yourself with knowledge, you and those you love will feel better about what you are facing.

Our resource room is a quiet place for study and reflection. It is available for patients and family members, and offers print resources as well as a computer with web access and a printer for online research.

Our education is geared to include:

  • Disease specific information
  • Nutrition information-before, during and after treatment
  • Chemotherapy and how to manage effects
  • Radiation and how to manage effects
  • Emotional support
  • Pain management
  • Dietary Consult
  • Community resources

Our desire is to provide educational support throughout your treatment. Knowledge can allay fear and provide the support necessary to you and your family through one of the most important battles.

To schedule patient appointments call (423) 493-1690.

Any managing physician or his/her staff may refer and/or set up patient appointments. Patients who have already been diagnosed with cancer and who would like a second opinion may call for an appointment.