Inspired to HEAL: honesty, excellence, accountability, leadership

Parkridge Health is united under a singular mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. Ensuring we deliver on the promise of our mission, the Parkridge Health family strives daily to adhere to the core values prescribed by Inspired to H.E.A.L.

Four characteristics – honesty, excellence, accountability and leadership – comprise the acronym H.E.A.L. These values were chosen because we know them to be essential to caring for and improving human life. At the heart of Inspired to H.E.A.L. is the recognition that each individual is entitled to the utmost respect, and we all shoulder the responsibility of demonstrating these core values in our interactions with patients and their families, visitors, and each other.


Honesty is a core value. Honest actions build credibility in the community and with the patients we serve. We value the courage it takes to be honest and believe that it builds trust, impacts our reputation and is a reflection of our integrity.


Excellence is reflected in the quality of our work as we strive to meet or exceed quality standards. As we pursue excellence, we remain open to change and new concepts to continuously improve services to our community.


Accountability reflects the importance we place on being present with our hearts and minds to perform tasks right the first time in order to deliver a customer experience with accuracy, professionalism and kindness.


We all lead. Practicing a team approach, mentoring one another, and understanding that we are each setting an example for someone. We each must choose to set a positive example each day.

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Did you receive exceptional, compassionate service or care from a staff member?  Would you like to recognize them for good work? Any Parkridge employee, regardless of title or department, can be nominated for our Inspired to H.E.A.L. (iHEAL) Award below.

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