Parkridge Health System - December 20, 2018

Having a newborn can make the most wonderful time of the year even more special – and more hectic. Between the normal everyday chaos of caring for a little one and the holiday hubbub, things can feel crazy. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Here’s a quick rundown on how you and your new addition can enjoy the holidays without the stress.

Be Realistic

The first thing you want to do when handling the holiday season with your newborn is to be realistic about what you can do.

Chances are that you are not going to be able to handle five different stops during the short holiday break. Therefore, be honest with yourself and your family with what you and your little one can handle this holiday season.

Remember, honesty is the best policy, and you need to be as honest with yourself as you are everyone else.

Protect Yourself and Your Baby

Are you nervous about cold and flu season? We don't blame you. It is important to protect your little one when illness is going around.

So steer clear of people who are ill, and ask that no one kiss or touch your baby's face. Both are steps that can help limit the spread of illness.

If you want to make sure to keep everyone's hands off your newborn, consider wearing your baby in a carrier during your holiday visit. That way you can keep him or her close to you in a way that's somewhat inaccessible to prying hands.

It's OK to Say No

Don't feel like running your baby from here to there and everywhere over the holidays? Opt to celebrate the holiday season at home, and invite others over to your house.

By staying in your own environment, you can be more in control of the situation, as well as feel at ease in your own home. Set boundaries for yourself and your family – and stick to them!

Are you welcoming a new addition to the family? Visit The Birth Place at Parkridge East to learn about what we have to offer for moms and babies.