Parkridge Health System - March 10, 2022
by Michelle Hindmon

Ron Kitzmiller was active during his younger years, running up to four miles every other day. But after six bypass surgeries and three stints, the 73 year old found it harder to get around.

In November of 2021, he started the intensive cardiac rehab program at the Center for Heart, Lung & Vascular Health at Parkridge Medical Center.

Around the same time, Judy Verrill also started the outpatient program. The 58 year old was recovering from a heart attack and undergoing bypass surgery.

For 72-sessions, both Ron and Judy followed the expertise and resources of the Parkridge team to achieve their goals of living a healthier life. Parkridge Health System utilizes the nationally–recognized Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehab curriculum that includes medically-supervised exercises tailored to each patient’s fitness level, in-person and multimedia-based immersive workshops and cooking classes, individualized nutrition consultation, and education based upon the three key pillars of heart-health: regular exercise, a heart-healthy eating plan, and a healthy mind-set.

“There were lessons in the nutrition classes that made sense to me,” Judy said. “The staff has the personal touch here. They are like family. You get to know everyone and look forward to coming.”

In March, Ron and Judy graduated from the program, making a new chapter in their lives.

“We are excited for the first graduates of our new intensive cardiac rehabilitation program,” Joscelyn Sroczynski, Director of Cardiac Services at Parkridge Medical Center said. “Ron and Judy are examples of how our comprehensive program can change lives and help our cardiac patients live longer, healthier lives.”

Ron plans to continue working out and focusing on his health, and maybe one day, get back to running.

“I feel 100-percent better,” he said. “This is the best thing that could have ever happened. My favorite part has been the staff, they motivate you.”

For more information about the Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Parkridge Medical Center, patients are encouraged to speak to their cardiologist or visit