Parkridge Health System - October 19, 2018

According to one study, it is estimated that the average number of surgeries Americans have during their lifetime is around 9.2. However, while common, surgery can also cause anxiety—whether it's your first or ninth.

If you are one of the many who have a surgical procedure scheduled for this year, our team at Parkridge Medical Center wants to give you tips on how to prepare, so that you'll be less anxious about what's ahead.

Are You Ready for Surgery?

Whether you are going in for a simple or complicated procedure, surgery can make anyone nervous. Let's look at some ways you can prepare for your next surgery so that you can feel at ease:

Prepare Emotionally

Leading up to your surgery, try performing relaxation techniques that can ease your anxiety before, during and after surgery. There are many different options, including deep-breathing exercises, as well as visualization and imaging techniques, that can lower your anxiety levels and make you feel more calm for your procedure.

In addition, you want to keep positive thoughts and go in with a positive attitude. If you have any questions or negative thoughts about your surgery, be sure to bring those up with your physician before the procedure.

Prepare Physically

While it's important to make sure you are mentally ready for surgery, you also want to make certain your physical health is prepared, too.

If you are not already, stick to eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of fluids in the days prior to your surgery. Be sure you follow any special diet your doctor prescribes.

Does your doctor recommend certain exercises for you to do after surgery to help with recovery? Make certain you know the right way to perform these exercises so that you do it right without hurting yourself.

Be sure to also bring a list of medications with you during your pre-surgery appointment in case there are any medications you do not need to take prior to surgery, such as blood thinners or certain dietary supplements.

Nervous about your upcoming surgery? Don't be! Our team at Parkridge Medical Center is here to help make you feel safe and comfortable before, during and after surgery.