Parkridge Health System - October 05, 2023

Hannah Wilson, a mother baby nurse at Parkridge East, took our motto, “Care Like Family”, and knocked it out of the park.

On September 14th, Kristen and Brendan ‌O’Shaughnessy welcomed their second child, a baby boy named John. Quinn, their daughter, was thrilled, but her family had another surprise. Quinn’s grandparents bought her a life-like baby doll to give her. The family asked if Hannah would help make the moment special and bring the doll into the room once she arrived to present it as her own baby. Hannah did just that, but took the extra step for the new big sister.

‌Hannah took the doll to the nursery where she gave him his own crib, crib cards, bracelets and swaddled the doll in a hospital blanket. Hannah then rolled Quinn’s new baby doll to the room where she presented Quinn with her very own baby to care for! Her reaction was priceless. 

‌Quinn can’t wait to teach her brother, and her baby doll, how to swing, count to ten, and sing the “Cookie Jar” song. 

‌Thank you to the O’Shaughnessy family for letting us join in on this special moment and thank you Hannah for caring like family!