Partial Hospitalization is a psychotherapeutic day treatment program that is less intense than inpatient psychiatric care but provides more structure and intervention that traditional outpatient counseling and medication management.

How is the Program Set Up?

The Partial Hospitalization Program is tailored to meet each patient's special needs and designed to help adults achieve long-term abstinence and recovery while maintaining their normal lifestyles. The program consists of daily group therapy, educational information about mental illness, medication management, stress management, process groups and classes on improving coping skills. Clients are often involved with treatment for one to two weeks and are assisted with continuing treatment with physicians and therapists on an outpatient basis after discharge. Clients have the option of participating in an aftercare group located at Parkridge Valley Adult and Senior.

Who Benefits from Partial Hospitalization?

Partial Hospitalization is designed for persons who are experiencing mental health/addictive disorder problems and have enough support and stability to be at home in the evenings, but who require immediate intervention to promote recovery and prevent inpatient admission. Clients who are treated in the Partial Hospitalization Program often suffer from depression, addictive disorders, and grief-related issues.

Benefits of the Partial Hospitalization Program

  • Minimal family and home-life disruption.
  • An opportunity to practice newly learned skills at home in the evening and thus be aware of strengths and abilities.
  • A less stressful transition from the hospital to the home environment.

What Professionals Work with the Program?

The multidisciplinary treatment team consists of licensed psychiatrists, masters-level social workers or counselors, registered nurses, mental health technicians, therapeutic recreational staff, and registered dieticians qualified in the assessment and treatment of mental health and addiction issues.

For additional information or questions concerning the Partial Hospitalization Program, please call (423) 499-2300 or (800) 542-9600.