The Adolescent Program at Parkridge Valley provides a safe and caring environment in which teens receive intensive, short-term, highly structured inpatient treatment. We designed the program to help troubled teens and their families identify problem areas that interfere with their growth and development. The inpatient experience provides an opportunity to stabilize the crisis, assess the problem areas and coordinate appropriate services.

Our acute inpatient program focuses on the physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient. Such a holistic approach is based on a philosophy of providing the highest levels of care while respecting the dignity and rights of each individual.

Working with a team of specially trained providers, teenagers learn to explore their feelings and understand their problems. They work to gain the skills, understanding and motivation to overcome their issues.

Families are an integral part of the treatment process, providing a historical perspective of the adolescent’s problem and reinforcing the positively based behavioral plans. It is essential to have the input of the family to establish meaningful treatment goals.

Created to serve adolescents between 13 and 18 years old, the Acute Adolescent Program offers treatment for psychiatric and emotional problems, such as:

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety disorders, including OCD, social and school problems
  • Attention deficit disorders
  • Behavioral problems
  • Disorders associated with abuse and other traumas
  • Disruptive disorders
  • Mood disorders, including adolescent depression and bipolar disorder
  • Psychosis

Our staff uses every opportunity to promote self-awareness and growth in every teenager entrusted to our care. The program's professional staff includes board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists; master's-level family clinicians; registered nurses; activity therapists; mental health workers; and, as indicated, consulting psychologists and other mental health professionals. Each teen is provided individualized treatment planning under the direction of the program staff using a care-team approach.

For additional information, please call (423) 499-2300 or (800) 542-9600.