Adult Psychiatric Services

Parkridge Valley West is a 24-hour adult inpatient behavioral health facility located on the tranquil, scenic campus of Parkridge West Hospital. The compassionate, caring staff of specially trained mental health professionals – which includes physicians, nurses, social workers and activity therapists – understand the unique, personal issues involved in behavioral health care, and they are committed to providing patient-centered, holistic care that aids and nurtures the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of each patient.

Family involvement is key to treatment success, and our providers strongly encourage our patients’ family members to participate in therapy when possible.

Individualized Psychiatric Care

We provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary program for patients with a primary psychiatric diagnosis. Such diagnoses include:

Intensive Outpatient Program

Through the three-to-six-week DIOP, adults learn about the root causes of their condition and develop positive coping skills that help sustain their recovery. Small group therapy sessions meet two to three times per week.

The DIOP is a non-medical therapeutic program designed for adults to address emotional, mental health and/or substance abuse issues. This environment provides a bridge between traditional outpatient models and the structure of a therapeutic community. The DIOP allows patients to get the help they need while continuing their daily life with minimal disruptions.

Inpatient Psychiatric Services

Located in the second floor of Parkridge West Hospital, the 15,000 square-foot, newly renovated inpatient psychiatric floor offers 28 beds for comprehensive acute treatment for adults and seniors with behavioral health conditions, such as anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia.

The inpatient unit at Parkridge Valley West addresses safety and privacy by way of a modern design that creates a family friendly, healing environment. Patients have controlled access to group therapy space, rooms with scenic views of the Tennessee Valley and comfort rooms with tranquil lighting where they can relax in rocking chairs and listen to soothing music.

For more information about our services, call (423) 837-3350.