Parkridge Camp Jordan ER will be located in the rapidly developing Camp Jordan area of East Ridge, Tennessee – just off Exit 1 of I-75 on Camp Jordan Road.

Parkridge Camp Jordan ER is expected to open Fall 2023

Rendering of Parkridge Camp Jordan ER

Our board-certified physicians will address a broad range of medical emergencies, from illness and injury to life-threatening concerns. Like a traditional hospital-based emergency room, Parkridge Camp Jordan ER will be equipped to treat emergent conditions and offer a wide array of diagnostic testing and imaging technologies. Patients will be treated using our efficient care model with shorter average wait times than a traditional emergency room. Should a patient need a higher level of care, including inpatient care, transportation will be arranged to provide seamless admission to Parkridge East Hospital, Parkridge Medical Center or a hospital of the patient’s choosing.

Freestanding ER services

  • 24/7 adult and pediatric emergency care
  • Emergency-trained physicians and nurses
  • Dedicated exam and trauma rooms

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Frequently Asked Questions

A freestanding emergency room operates as a stand-alone ER not physically connected to a hospital for those experiencing a medical emergency, but who may live too far from a traditional emergency room. Like a traditional emergency room, a freestanding ER offers life-saving treatment and diagnostic care. In East Ridge, if a patient needed a higher level of care, transportation will be arranged to provide a seamless transition to Parkridge East Hospital, Parkridge Medical Center or a hospital of the patient’s choosing.

We anticipate opening Fall 2023. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

Parkridge Health System is committed to being a good neighbor and not disrupting the community with unnecessary noise. Sirens from vehicles coming to this freestanding ER will often not be used when transporting a patient. Most ambulances don’t use lights and sirens when heading to the emergency room. Lights and sirens are reserved for responses to potential emergencies and transporting patients with life-threatening conditions.

The heavy traffic sometimes associated with a traditional hospital emergency room won’t be a concern here. Freestanding emergency rooms are smaller facilities and don’t substantially increase traffic. However, we will work with state and local officials to ensure the proper steps are taken so that traffic won’t be an issue.

None of the funding will come out of your pocket. Parkridge Health System is a tax-paying entity that partners with charitable organizations and local groups in an effort to give back to the community. We have been a part of Chattanooga for over 52 years, and we look forward to expanding our ability to serve East Ridge and surrounding communities.

Our freestanding ERs accept all patients, regardless of insurance plan. No one will ever be turned away from a Parkridge Health System freestanding ER. We pride ourselves in treating all community members closer to where they live and work.

This freestanding ER will remain just that: a freestanding ER. It’s meant to serve as an extension of the Parkridge East Hospital ER, providing immediate emergency care when – and where – you need it. For all other needs or longer-term care, you will be able to see specialists or be admitted to your hospital of choice elsewhere. There are no plans to make this site into a full hospital or anything other than a freestanding emergency room.