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Parkridge Physician Discusses High Blood Pressure in Young Adults

Parkridge Health System June 09, 2011

CHATTANOOGA — Parkridge Medical Group internal medicine physician Dr. Akberet Hadgu says that there is cause for concern after a recent study from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill found that 19% of young adults are suffering from high blood pressure but most are unaware of their condition.

The results of the study demonstrate the need for young men and women to pay attention to their health. “It is important that young adults begin to keep track of their blood pressure at an early age, because hypertension is dangerous,” notes Dr. Hadgu. “This condition usually has no symptoms but it causes permanent damage to organs, which can mean increased likelihood for health complications later in life.”

Hypertension in young adults typically involves several factors, according to Dr. Hadgu: “Lack of exercise, being overweight and a diet that includes too many high-sodium processed foods — these are the things that commonly contribute to high blood pressure.” Fortunately, the problem can be easily fixed if young adults are willing to modify their lifestyle and adopt healthier habits.

Dr. Hadgu also notes that regular checkups from a healthcare provider can help young men and women to keep track of their overall wellbeing over time, making it less likely that a condition like high blood pressure can go unaddressed and potentially cause harm. “A physician can help a young adult identify problems and recommend ways to fix them before they cause significant damage,” she says.

“Just because someone feels fine does not always mean that he or she is perfectly healthy,” says Dr. Hadgu. “Young people are busy, but the time and effort it takes to visit a physician is worth it in the long run.”

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