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Parkridge Health System Provides Tips For Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls During The Holiday Season

Parkridge Health System December 01, 2011

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – Parkridge Health System wishes everyone healthy and safe holidays, and offers a couple of ways to avoid a household accident such as a slip, trip or fall that could result in a visit to the Emergency Room this December.

Use common sense when using a ladder to put up decorations or lights. Follow the instructions for use of the ladder and do not stand on the top two rungs, as this can make the ladder unstable and more likely to topple. Over half a million people are injured annually by falls from a ladder - and many others are injured by falling off something they use (improperly) as a ladder. Find a stepstool of appropriate height, rather than furniture, to reach a desired level.

Avoid slips by getting gritty this winter. Icy and snowy walkways and entryways are a common danger zone in the cold holiday season. Keep sand or kitty litter around the house – spread it on steps and other snow/ice-affected slippery spots. The grittiness of these materials will create a textured surface that makes a slip less likely.

Let there be light. Make sure that walkways are well-lit – most trips involve objects that people don’t see clearly or notice.

Corral cords away from walkways whenever possible – if an electrical cord for holiday lights must cross a walkway, make sure that it is securely taped down.

Pay attention to surroundings. By staying alert, people are more likely to spot obstructions that could cause a fall.

About Parkridge Health System
Parkridge Health System is a multi-campus facility which includes Parkridge Medical Center, Parkridge East Hospital and Parkridge Valley. Parkridge Medical Center, our main campus on McCallie Avenue, offers comprehensive acute care services including cardiology, oncology at our Commission on Cancer approved Sarah Cannon Cancer Center, and complete surgical services including the first robotics surgery program in the region. Parkridge also offers award-winning orthopaedics and an Emergency Services Department designated as an Accredited Chest Pain Center. Parkridge East Hospital is a full service hospital located in East Ridge and dedicated to providing the best in obstetrics including Neonatal Intensive Care, as well as surgical services including robotics, orthopaedics, and gynecologic procedures. The Parkridge East campus also features an Emergency Services Department also designated as an Accredited Chest Pain Center. Parkridge Valley, our behavioral health facility, offers mental health services for children, adolescents and adults, as well as treatments for addictive disorders. We are a family of hospitals for your family. To learn more, visit or contact MedLine at (800) 242-5662.

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